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A little about Starting Elements founders

Ken Brown, Freelance CFO / Finance Director

My main passion? Helping entrepreneurs turn their business dreams into reality. My focus is to coach you to make money doing what you love. I work with my clients as a real business partner, to be there to advise and support you to build the business you want. 

How did this all start? My startup and small business experience began when I joined a startup as its first employee and later became the CEO while growing the firm to 20 staff with +$1m p.a revenue and trade sale to a second tier accounting firm. During these 5 years I immersed myself in business planning with clients and provided performance improvement advice to over 100 Entrepreneurs and Directors in companies with revenue of up to $15m p.a. 

I then spent the following 11 years working with listed multinationals in a variety of strategy, commercial finance and leadership roles for business units with revenue up to +$1.4bn while leading teams of up to 40 staff.  Most recently I was head of commercial finance for News Corp Australia’s national advertising sales, consumer marketing, retail sales and digital product development. My commercial work along with business planning and performance improvement is where my ‘financial passions’ lie and where I bring value to my clients.

What else can we learn about you?  I am a proud generalist and freelancer who is excited by great ideas and big challenges.  I am always happy to chat with entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to be on their team with practical advice, hands-on support and outstanding financial acumen.  I love coffee, riding motorbikes, living by the sea and the fun of learning to surf and drum.

Jillian Hughes, Co-founder

My main passion?  I am passionate about people and creating amazing customer experiences.  I have worked for 18 years across network marketing, retail sales, customer service, business operations, natural therapies and the fitness industry. I bring my people centric focus to all aspects of business.  I love assisting people maximise their customer experience through a process of understanding the end user.  

What currently fills my days? My focus these days is research and development of new business projects, social media marketing and business development coaching. I love working with clients to ensure their business is having the desired impact on customers and users.  I align business systems to ensure complete customer satisfaction and ultimately a stronger brand to support business growth.

What else can we learn about you?   I am a surfer, reader, lover of the ocean and connecting with people. I am on a mission to help people align their vision and actions to create maximum impact. I love living a simple life filled with friends, laughter and helping turn dreams into a reality.

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